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'Everything in your dream means exactly what you think it means!' Sandra Ingerman



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Anselmo's Story:
With many years experience working as a Human Resources Manager, Anselmo realised that unfortunately, a large percentage of society are pouring their time and energy into goals and ideas which are not personal to their true desires in life; essentially, goals and ideas of other people. 
Anselmo realised that a lot of people are unknowingly wasting their precious time and energy to pursue the dreams of others, focusing on short-term 'pick me ups' always focused on 'the next best thing'. 
Our vision is to help you discover your deepest desires and to reach a consistent, long-term level of happiness through following your purpose.
As a Human Resources Manager, Anselmo carefully worked with and looked after employees, guiding them through rough times when they felt lost and helping them through their failures.
"I had the impression I was looking at fishes trying to climb trees. I had an urge to understand how I could help people even more, I wanted to open a new chapter in the book of my life. I had a burning desire to help people transform their lives, and to guide people in listening to their intuitive, inner selves - to follow their true purpose and flow into the alignment and union of body, mind and soul."
Anselmo takes his passion for self-development and self-realisation in guiding people along the path to self-discovery.
Anselmo's Experience:
Anselmo Maestrani, born 1965, is the Founder of PEOPLECARE, established 2006. 
Anselmo has decades of experience working with a variety of people from different walks of life, and has a magical touch in bringing out the best in people, to help them live a happier and healthier life in alignment with their true desires and purpose.
- Human Resources Expert
- Life Coach (dip. IAW, Vaduz)
- IAP Coach Zurich
- Coaching with Tarot
- Mind Body Bridging ref. Stanley H. Block
- Author of multiple books
- Narrative Coaching
- Tarot Psychology for Personal Development and Coaching
- Autobiographical Methodology
- Self-realisation Storytelling
- Fluent in English, German, Italian, French


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