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Tuscany: Mindfulness and Yoga RetreatOur team of coachees in mindfulness and yoga are working on this fantastic retreat for next year (2019). If you wish first information or impression contact us or come back visiting us in the next weeks, when you will find our offer. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Morocco: Slow down and join our Mindfulness and Yoga retreat:  Are you looking for a digital detox, for peace and simplicity. Then this is the perfect retreat for you. You will enjoy meditation, mindfulness and yoga in an unique sourranding. Gently contact us for all information! (Next retreat: 2019)

*) We care about sustainable travel and our retreats follow this philosophy!

 Your coachees for both retreats:

Anselmo Maestrani (*1965), a much sought after private trainer, mental health, success expert and book author. His passion for personal coaching dates back to 2005 in Zurich. Since then he has undertaken a wealth of research into personal success as a way of creating optimum in life. In joining his lessons you will get in touch with your real purpuse.

Krishnadas (*1969) is a professional integral yoga teacher, therapist of art and nurse, and works in a private clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy in switzerland. Also educated in astrology and healing. So to join his lessons means to dip into a wave full of pictures and positive affirmationes. On the way to your inner self.

Marcus Edges


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